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2007+22.3%+33.5%+32.7%OPN PausedOPN PausedOPN PausedOPN PausedOPN Paused

Based on invested capital, using a $10K model portfolio and based on fills shared by newsletter members. Results exclude results of OPNExtra! and also exclude brokerage commission. Past result in NOT an indication of future results.

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  • Multi-strategy with Primary Focus on Non-Directional Strategies
  • 7-10 Trade Ideas Plus Adjustments
  • Mostly Spreads
  • Aim 4-7% per month
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  • 16% Savings vs. Monthly Plan
  • Multi-strategy with Primary Focus on Non-Directional Strategies
  • 7-10 Trade Ideas Plus Adjustments
  • Mostly Spreads
  • Aim 4-7% per month
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All features as promised

Here is What Experienced and Newbie Options Traders are Saying...

As a direct result of learning under him, $7000 profit during the last three months alone . My trading skills as well as results have improved significantly.

Anna, Singapore

I tried few other newsletters and some trading on my own. I came into conclusion that in terms of consistency, risk management, educational value and comprehensive solution there is no service that comes even close to OPN…

Kim Klaiman Canada, Founder of

10% to 50% with a quite high success rate. As a direct result of OP’s strategies I have made a positive cash flow of $34,000/- within a short period of time!

Trader, Spain

My best choice .. u don’t have to stay in front of the computer EVERYDAY…won’t have worry that market crash will wipe your entire capital…downside of portfolio is protected and money is working harder for you

Aaron Tan Singapore

See Sandy Lord's Story

Sandy Lord from Texas, USA shares what he experienced with OptionPundit Income Newsletter and OP Mentoring services

See Andy's Story

Andy, a working professional, from UK shares his experience with OP Income Newsletter Trade Ideas service...

Just Some of The Amazing Benefits...

Solid Trade Ideas

The trade ideas are based on Proven, Powerful and Profitable options trading strategies ranging from market neutral to directional trading.

Unparallell Support

OP takes pride in answering every single e-mail personally. There is no robot, no automatic replies to questions that matters to you. You have full support, on-line via forum and off-line via direct response from OP.

Ask OP (and special guests)

Frequency free Q&A sessions with Manoj and OptionPundit team, as well as guest market wizards sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

Private Forum

Membership to exclusive OptionPundit community forum giving you an incredible opportunity to connect, learn and share investing ideas with like-minded traders from around the globe.

Knowledge Base

Hundreds of educational articles, Packed full of solutions to common challenges, historical trade ideas and much much more – this is your virtual trading business library.

"Your First" Emails

Being on the list means you are the first in the world to know what's latest as I scan market for news. Receiver periodic information to keep you updated with the latest ideas.

Why you should join OPNewsletter....

...I find it hard to put into words the value of the service you (and the whole OP community) offer the individual retail trader and investor. In my opinion, this style of options trading is the only path to consistent and repeatable profitability...

David Castello, Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

You were very thorough, concise, and specific and detailed in your examples and illustrations. It was well worth the time, even for someone like me who has been trading options for over 40 years!

Chuck Mellon Millionaire Trader, Thailand

.16 years witnessing my capital being managed by different brokers....Option Pundit is well tuned with the market and exhibit option trading techniques far more sophisticated than my previous options brokers...

Luis González, Toronto, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

I love this newsletter…It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to my trading career

Mike Karmindro USA

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From the Desk of The Profit Strategist...

From the Desk of Manoj Kumar

Chief Profit Strategist -




How many times has this happened to you? You wanted to trade and you knew how to do it but don’t have several hours searching for that perfect trade, and then even if you find a specific trade, you couldn’t keep up with it due to lack of time.

Or at times, you didn’t yet know how to benefit from the changing market conditions…or probably didn’t know how to adjust that specific trade…resulting into missing great opportunities or worse, losses, ...ouch! It’s frustrating and discouraging, the kind of thing that can make you second-guess everything you know about options trading...

What If I Handed You My PROVEN Strategies To Trade Options Profitably?

Would that help you?

Imagine: All you need to do is to use what works, without the 10 over years of trial and error that I had to go through.

I'll Adopt A “Hold your hand” Approach to Trading

It would be so simple that even people with little experience in options can learn how to trade options... and still make money! All you need to do is to follow the ideas & instructions properly.

You Get To Duplicate My Hard-Fought Success Shortcuts

You are given the same strategies that I personally trade with. These are proven strategies!

The same strategies that got me my results would also be the strategies that earn you your trading profits!

Learning While Earning

You are not left alone! In fact you have direct access to the profit strategist, OP. Once a trade idea is communicated, you can ask questions on forum so other experience traders or OP can answer you or you could send an email directly to op.

All you need to do is to commit and invest time in yourself.

For the First time, Ultimate Options Trading Experience is here....

Objectives of OPN:

  • Target monthly returns of 4%-7% on overall invested capital.
  • Short Holding period
  • High winning probability trades
  • Capital preservation always overrides missing an investment opportunity

Complete Plan and Diversified Approach

A trading plan that consisting of strategy, capital allocation guidelines, risk/reward, break-even analysis, symbol list as well as brief rationale. Contrary to popular newsletter services, OPN uses a portfolio approach with mix of powerful trading strategies i.e. Iron Condors, credit spreads, double diagonals, diagonal and calendars. Immediate alerts and e-mail notifications on any updates and adjustments.

Results Through Rigor and Relevance

Success doesn't come easy. It requires hard and smart work. OPNewsletter uses as collaborative approach via online forum where you can discuss the trades with the fellow subscribers or ask questions directly from OP. There is one specific thread for trade ideas and another one just for discussion, sharing fills or for asking questions pertaining to that trade idea. This way, members know what’s being traded and also stay in touch with what others are thinking or how their fills are.

OPN is not only about the income trades, there are bonus speculative trades as well (Earning play, momentum plays, technical play, special opportunity plays, etc) and there is a dedicated thread called OPNExtra! for those as well.


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General Market Commentary

There is also a special section to have almost daily comments. This is even more helpful when there is lot of uncertainty in the markets. Below is a snapshot that cautioned OPN subscribers in the mid Sept'08 to stay away from markets should Dow drops below 10,700 (subsequent warning of Dow dropping to 8,000 was also proven correct).

Continuous Learning, Resources

OPNewsletter works on the principle to keep updating its members with the latest development and provide trading resources. Members are encouraged to share resources, ask questions, etc and continue to build knowledge base. Another excellent feature of OPN community is to share key learning. We have a series “Real Lessons from Real Trades and in Real-time”. These are real learning, incurred at the expense of real money and something that you may not find elsewhere. A knowledge base, that continues to expand and enrich member's understanding of market and how to play this market.

Complete Transparency

OPN believes in complete transparency. There is weekly performance tracking update coupled with commentary on almost each portfolio. Also, as appropriate, also added is the next week’s plan.

A portfolio tracker is shared with all the members that they use to track their fills and track. In stead of using a theoretical fill, OPN generally uses best fills from members, at times OP’s fills as well.

Not Just Options Alone

OPN is not only about option trading, But also about other opportunities that may strike time to time. For instance OND’08 period presented some opportunities when stocks were oversold and selling for cheap valuation. A stocks’ list, with OP’s target prices, were shared with the OPN members.

OPNewsletter is not just about sharing some picks and look glossy. This is a complete package to make money and continue to grow together in a closely knit community.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We’re so absolutely sure that OP Income Newsletter will help your trading that we’re offering this NO PROFIT, NO FEE Guarantee. If you are a new member and if officially OPN doesn't make money in your first month, your fee will be refunded in full. You still get to enjoy the learning as well see our trades for free.

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